Quatra Portal, Digital Revolution – Premiere in 2022

We are counting down the days to the date of providing our clients with a new tool for communication within the organization, which will be the Quatra Portal, available as part of the Quatra ERP System.

This tool was created to support the Digital Revolution that we are seeing at our clients organization. We have noticed that it takes place in all fields of our clients’ business activity. It combines the implementation of business goals and care for the environment in which the company operates. We set ourselves the goal to support this ecosystem designing the new Portal.

We would like the Quatra Portal to be a digital communication platform for you during your business processes, regardless of whether the participants of these processes are currently in the office “at the computer”, or have only a mobile device at their disposal.

As a company, we constantly strive to ensure that our products, which you use, also support pro-ecological activities. We hope that thanks to the new Portal we will convince those of you ,who have been unconvinced so far, to give up the “paper” in the organization. Thanks to our solutions, it is not only possible, but even natural and very comfortable.

There are 70 days left until the premiere - Stay with us

Business must take into account ecological aspects in its activities.
This is no longer a manifestation of an innovative approach, but a necessity!