We took part in the PHPers SUMMIT 2021 Conference

After a year of absence, the largest conference of PHP users in Poland – PHPers SUMMIT 2021 – has returned.
Several employees of Sygnity Business Solutions participated in it.

One of them – Krzysztof Paszuk, shared his observations with us after his return.

PHPers Summit 2021
October 2, Poznań International Fair

As part of open lectures, experienced programmers presented their own practices, technical innovations in the field of PHP language and working methods in organizations in which they operate on a daily basis.

The conference was conducted in three blocks, therefore the participants could take part in one of three parallel lectures.

The most interesting topics were:

1. Twelve principles of building high availability systems

High availability systems and applications are nowadays one of the key infrastructure solutions in companies.

During the lecture on this subject, two important questions were asked:

How not to lose potential customers due to temporary unavailability?
Is it always worth maintaining a powerful infrastructure?

The issues raised in this block are: infrastructure scaling, monitoring, redundancy and technology ensuring high availability.

2. A healthy alternative to microservices

Nowadays there is a fashion for microservices. A question should be asked here whether they are always a good solution? An alternative in the form of a modular monolith was presented during the presentation, which can work well in small and medium-sized projects. We had the opportunity to find out what the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions are.

3. Software Composition Analysis in PHP

The more advanced applications are built, the more often external modules and libraries are used. Popular and proven “free cash from the net”.

How to maintain control and security of applications using “external code” and are we sure that its use is fully legal?

Programmers with experience have proved that it is not that rosy and they presented how they “wisely” choose external modules for their own projects.

Conference website: https://summit.phpers.pl/pl/

The photo comes from https://www.facebook.com/PHPersPL