BOOKINGPLACE AND SIGNTHIS available in the “Digital Vouchers” program

The proprietary systems of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. – BOOKINGPLACE and SIGNTHIS with the services for companies from the SME sector, are available in the “Digitization Vouchers” program.

BOOKINGPLACE – flexible software for managing resource reservations at the company’s disposal.

Work space reservation – the application collects data concerning people, who worked on the company’s premises on a given day. Helpful in identifying users who could contact with person infected COVID-19 in an organization.

Managing the calendar of meetings with clients – thanks to the application, the person concerned will arrange a meeting with the employee on a specific date. Your company will be able to limit the number of people staying in one space.

SIGNTHIS – improving the flow of  both: administrative and project documentation, and ensuring a chronological record of the process of accepting files, notes, and findings. SIGNTHIS is an intuitive document approval tool that can be used in any organization and industry.