Summary of March Quatra Max webinars

During our recent webinars, we touched on the Quatra Portal, taking a closer look at the features of the space that will improve the operations of any business. In the first webinar, we discussed the 'Applications' module, which is an essential part of the system that facilitates the management of the company's workflow. During the [...]

March Quatra Max webinars: discover a modern management tool for companies

We are pleased to invite you to two Quatra Max webinars that will show you new possibilities in managing and optimising your work. We are convinced that the innovations presented will open up new possibilities for you, enriching your knowledge and skills. First meeting: Applications module - 18 March, 10:00 am The first webinar, is [...]

APPLICATIONS in the Quatra Portal – a new way of submitting applications

We are planning to launch a new module - eApplications in the Quatra Portal. This will be a key step towards facilitating the communication process for users, offering them a modern tool for submitting various types of applications. The Quatra Portal has been available to Quatra Max system customers since November 2022. The portal provides [...]

The Quatra portal starts on November 23

With reference to the previously published announcements regarding the launch of the new Portal as part of the Quatra Max software, we are pleased to announce that this moment has come! The new Portal will be available to Quatra Max customers from November 23 this year. To meet the expectations of our customers, we provide [...]

System of the Support Service in Quatra Max

The Quatra Max team is constantly working on new solutions, with a view to improve the quality of services provided and to care for the comfort of work for customers. We are pleased to inform you that these activities translate into tangible effects - one of them is the new Service System (SOS), which will [...]

GIG – New Quatra Max implementation

The ERP Quatra MAX IT system will support the Central Mining Institute! The contract was signed on May 13, 2022. The implementation includes the following Quatra Max system modules: Finances and accountancy, Fixed assets, HR and Payroll, Sale, Employee Portal, Managing customer relations, Project management, Electronic Document Circulation. Sygnity Business Solutions will also deal with [...]

Quatra portal – employee and managerial self-service

Soon we will be able to provide you with our new Portal. As promised, we provide further information about it. This time, they concern the offered functionalities of the new Quatra Portal in the field of Employee and Managerial Self-Service, such as: handling the vacation process, including: submitting, approving, reviewing Vacation Applications and controlling vacation [...]

Launching the Quatra Portal – a set of technical issues

The launch of the Quatra Portal is coming soon! Our counter shows only 60 days to the premiere. The time has come to unveil the secret, today in the field of technical issues. The new Quatra Portal will be based on the latest version of the Vaadin platform - a tool for building applications in [...]

Quatra Portal, Digital Revolution – Premiere in 2022

We are counting down the days to the date of providing our clients with a new tool for communication within the organization, which will be the Quatra Portal, available as part of the Quatra ERP System. This tool was created to support the Digital Revolution that we are seeing at our clients organization. We have [...]